Merahandyman is focused on providing Property Management Services to NRI’s who own properties in India, and require assistance in their maintenance.
At Merahandyman we ensure that their properties are always kept in a serviceable and usable condition and command the appropriate appreciation their properties deserve. We also provide them with an updated map of the real estate canvas and protect and safeguard their investments.


NRI’s today constitute a large portion of the funds remitted home in India for investment in real estate either in good times and in times of global economic, political uncertainty, war, natural disasters and last but not least – to invest in a retirement haven where they can unwind and watch their investments pay back.

Merahandyman was founded by Mr. Kalyan Raman, an IT Professional with experience of more than 24 years, in various multinational companies across US and India. Founded in 2017, this NRI Property Management Company has a network of skilled experienced workmen who excel in providing these services.